The Ranger (2018) - Jenn Wexler

The Ranger (2018)

An American independent horror movie from director Jenn Wexler. The film stars Chloe Levine, Granit Lahu, Jeremy Pope, Bubba Weiler, Amanda Grace Benitez, and Jeremy Holm. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival as the Official 'Midnighter' Selection, on August 17th, 2018.


A group of young, brash, drug-addicted punk rockers kill a police officer then hold-up in a cabin out in a closed off State Park. It seems like a solid plan. The only problem is the psychotic park ranger that won’t leave them alone.


Jenn Wexler delivers another low-budget horror movie, paying homage to the b-movie slashers of the eighties. It’s a decent premise and I found myself really liking Jeremy Holm’s work as The Ranger. However, aside from Chelsea (ChloĆ« Levine), the characters in this movie are horribly unlikeable. I literally couldn’t wait for them to start eating it.

We are graced with a mix of practical effects and light CGI for a very decent outcome. I liked the effects. Gory and satisfying. The ending is pretty brutal. However, the editing was really poor. I didn’t like the quick and rapid cuts used in the action scenes. It was annoying. The acting leaves a lot to be desired too. It can get downright frustrating at times.


This was a pretty decent effort. I really appreciated the brutal gore and practical effects. But then the acting and quality of filmmaking really drags it down. This would be a great movie to catch on some reboot of USA Up All Night, but I wouldn’t seek it out. It’s not horrible. It’s just not memorable.