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Idle Hands (1999) - Rodman Flender

Idle Hands is a dark horror/comedy. It's a good send off to the teen movies of the nineties. It features an almost timeless soundtrack and quintessential nineties cast all playing high-school students. The movie has tons of cameos and plays out in a really fun and unique tale. 
A demon that only possesses the laziest human being, has targeted a young stoner that just made the realization that all he does is watch TV all day with no ambition. The demon takes control of his hand and begins murdering people. Parents, Friends, Girls... errp. His hand has to be stopped.

If you want to have some fun this year then this is the movie to watch. This is more of a comedy movie in horror movie clothing. It brings you some really big laughs, and some really gory scenes. The movie does have its drawbacks. It is really unbelievable and cheesy, most of the time that is ironic so it is pretty funny. However, other times it is misleading and just cheesy. That comes in the form of poorly delivered li…