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Carnosaur (1993) - Adam Simon & Darren Moloney

Carnosaur is a really weird Science-Fiction Horror film produced by Roger Corman and Co-Directed by Adam Simon and Darren Moloney. John Carl Buechler created the models and effects for the film. It stars Diane Ladd as a weird Mad Scientist. It's bloody, it's trashy, it's a Corman picture. Surprisingly enough, this film was very loosely based on a book that was released in 1984. 
I was expecting a Jurassic Park rip-off but didn't get one. Instead I got a really creative movie with obvious budgeting flaws. A Mad Scientist wants to release a virus on the world that will wipe out the humans and make way for her re-created Dinosaurs to live free again. However, one of the Carnosaurs breaks free from the facility that it was created in and wreaks havoc on the near-by small town.
I never had very high expectations for this one. But it's impressive. The effects weren't as cheesy as I thought they would have been. I had presumed a lot before actually watching this movie. …