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Martyrs (2008) - Pascal Laugier

Martyrs is an Ultra-Violent revenge horror film from France that really pushes the ultra-violent edge and leaves you cringing in your seat. It asks the question what is beyond our realm of existence? What happens to us after we die? 
The word torture porn gets thrown around a lot in horror these days. Case in point Saw and Hostel. Those movies have an excessive amount of gore and the storyline works right along with it. This movie is all about torture, all the way through. Our main character is tortured the entire film, even when she isn't physically tortured her emotions are toyed with. 

Our main character gets dragged into a place that she didn't want to be in, all for being "The Good-Guy". Classic tale of wrong place at the wrong time, only this time the emotion is much more. The story revolves around an evil corporation or cult of old people that are looking to answer some questions about their own mortality. They find these young women and put them through rigor…