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Old Dark House (1932) - James Whale

James Whale, Carl Laemmle, and Boris Karloff all come together for the best forgotten gem. This team already brought you one of the biggest horror movies in Frankenstein. So you know your getting yourself into some quality. The movie is a parody of the horror films that had come before it in previous years. It's comedy is really smart and the horror element is perfect. The Old Dark House stands tall next to Frankenstein. It joins the ranks of the best films of the 30's. 
On a stormy night, three young people seek refuge in an old dark house. It is inhabited by a scary couple of old people. An old man and woman. The woman has a voice like a paint scraper. The ghoulish people have a Butler that looks friggin' insane. Then they are joined by two others. The whole group is being terrorized all night by that crazy butler who chases people around. Then he lets his pyromaniac brother loose. Hilarity ensues. The whole movie has this really weird vibe to it you can feel the tensio…