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Return of the Living Dead (1985) - Dan O'Bannon

Return of the Living Dead is quite a gem and is one of my favorite horror movies; this movie does exactly what you want a zombie movie to do. The acting is completely sub-par and the story is so full of holes that it makes me just laugh the entire time. There are tons of things in this movie that make me appreciate it more and more every time I watch it. I really like the details, for example I like that in one shot there is a poster in the background that says Burt is a slave driver and a cheap son of a bitch who's got you and me here. I like that the zombies can talk and interact with people. It is completely poking fun at the entire zombie genre and they get away with it so well. 

The story is really simple, a group of people (punks and three blue collar workers) are terrorized by zombies after one of the workers accidentally lets toxic gas out of a sealed Army barrel. The zombies in this movie are reanimated once this gas touches them, apparently the gas seeps into everything a…