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Scream 3 (2000) - Wes Craven

This came out while I was a junior in High School. I was right there in line buying tickets with my friends for Remember the Titans or something. Then promptly making a b-line to Scream 3 with a huge smile on my face. I couldn't wait. Thanks to the first movie, The second wasn't that great and it left me wanting something different. This is definitely different.

Sidney is in hiding. Living out her days as a Crisis Help Hotline operator in some small Californian town. However, someone is killing people from Woodsboro again while they are filming the hit slasher Stab 3. If your affiliated with the movie, then you might either be a suspect or victim. All of the usual cast of characters is on hand in one capacity or another. The series continues its who-done-it vibe, why change what works right? 

We get a lot of new characters. Since, Stab 3 is based on the characters from the first movie the actors are portraying them. For example Parker Posey is playing Jennifer Jolie, who is play…