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Halloween 2 (1981) - Rick Rosenthal

This sequel always intrigued me. It followed the first movie directly. It followed so well that you could edit the two movies together successfully. Jamie Lee Curtis, Charles Cyphers, and Donald Pleasance all returned to their roles and that Myers boy is still up to no good. I personally love Halloween II. A lot of people hate it but I found it to be pretty interesting. I found out that a surprising number of people have not seen this movie as of yet. That's surprising because they play this all of the time on television. Anyway, I will be spoiling this film further down the article. 

While the plot of the first movie continues, Michael Myers had taken the shots that Doctor Loomis unloaded on him and walked away. Leaving a beaten and terrified Laurie Strode to be rushed to the hospital. Doctor Loomis and the Sheriff continue their manhunt leading eventually to Michael Myers tracking down Laurie to the hospital she was admitted to.

This has a very dark brutality to it. The call backs…