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The Terror Within (1989) - Thierry Notz

This has been on my IMDB queue for a year or two now and I had finally gotten around to watching it. George Kennedy had recently passed away and I wanted to watch something relevant to the genre that starred him. Unfortunately the first film that I pulled up was The Terror Within. A low-budget sci-fi/horror flop produced by the Rat-King himself, Roger Corman

In a post-apocalyptic world, a small group of human scientists are surviving in an underground complex. Meanwhile the surface of the planet is plagued by monsters called The Gargoyles. The inhabitants of this underground bunker have lost radio contact with another group of survivors not far from where they are. Two members go out to see if the other group is okay. They aren't. Everyone outside of the bunker is dead, except for one girl named Karen. And she's having a baby! A half Gargoyle half Human baby to be exact. One that gets loose and starts terrorizing this underground bunker à la Alien, andthese monsters reproduce…