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Black Moon (1934) - Roy William Neill

Black Moon is something else. It's not really a scary horror movie. I feel that the movie was made to make white people second guess their take on black people. The movie is highly bigoted and narrow minded. It is argued that this is just a product of the time but that's bull. Plenty of people had their heads on straight back then. Just not the majority of them. So yeah, this movie is pretty racist. 
The plot revolves around this woman named Juanita and her family. Her parents were massacred in a Voodoo ritual when she was a little girl. She narrowly escaped then. However, now she finds herself strangely drawn back to the remote island where this all took place. All of this is unknown to her husband Stephen played by Jack Lane, who sends Juanita, their daughter, and his mistress secretary to the island to help Juanita relieve stress. That's when things start to go wrong. 
If you can get past all of the blatant racist remarks then you might actually see a pretty decent hor…