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The Headless Horseman (1922) - Edward D. Venturini

While the story is timeless and the characters are classic. This particular telling of this tale falls a bit flat when delivering in the entertainment department. Albeit interesting, this silent horror/comedy from 1922 is just boring.  It is most likely the format. However, this was an unbearable viewing. The quality of the film was horrible, this definitely needs a face lift. 
Though this movie may be dry and boring, actor Will Rogers really carries the film. He does a great job as school marm Ichabod Crane. That isn't enough however, the other actors seem confused or sub-par. The effects were botched and not put together really well. 

There are 30 min. of the film dedicated to Ichabod Crane (Rogers) getting tarred and feathered. It is a waste of time watching those scenes. There are some saving parts to this movie though, even though the transfer from film to DVD is crap. You can tell this is a higher quality film grade. Its this way because it is the first feature photographed …