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The Phantom (1931) - Alan James

The Phantom was built on the escaped felon and old haunted house storyline. The same storyline that Old Dark House and The Bat Whispers follows. However, The Phantom comes up short when compared against the two. It's a feat to actually make it through this movie attentively. 
It revolves around a small group of people that are being terrorized by an escaped masked killer known as The Phantom! Literally that is the entire movie. It is as thin as the film it is printed on. In the beginning of the movie you get to watch the "daring" escape from prison. It is the worst escape in history. It is far from the same jurisdiction as Shawshank's escape. 
My advice? Skip this movie and move on. 1931 had some real gems and apparently some real lumps. The Phantom is just a lump. A useless talkie that re-hashes some of the same-old same-old. Not worth it.  Released on November 1st 1931. Even the date was boring. A guy on IMDB said that he really liked the beginning scene. Some guy.…