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ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction (2009) - Kevin Hamedani

Zombie movies must be the easiest things to make, they are being pumped out nowadays much like vampire movies post-Twilight, and I am starting to get a little tired of them. I wish the people making these zombie flicks would take some time and pride in their craft, unfortunately they don't. This zombie movie is full of gay jokes and redneck humor; its comedy/horror that pokes fun at politics with useless discussions about how democrats are pussies or how America is Islamaphobic. This movie is a terrible excuse for a zombie film and I wish I hadn't seen it. 
The movie is about a zombie outbreak that occurs on the small island of Port Gamble. According to a news broadcast the outbreak was caused by a terrorist attack. Now the island has three Muslim people that live on it: our sort of main character Frida (Janette Armand), her father and some other guy mentioned in passing. Throughout a big chunk of this movie Frida is tortured by a deranged racist redneck for "obviously bei…