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The Ninth Guest (1934) - Roy William Neill

A solid attempt at the usual haunted house film. That sets itself apart with its cinematography and well written scenes. The film has no soundtrack and does a good job of setting the scene. I had more fun watching this than I had with a lot of films from this year. The filmmaker doesn't want this to be just another Old Dark House so he added the element of a sadistic survival game. It has a great twist that keeps things moving along at a decent pace. I started the movie with pretty low expectations and ended up liking it a lot. 
The movie has the perfect amount of humor and a lot of intrigue. It plays out like an early production of Clue and Saw. Not a bad feature. Eight people are invited to a mysterious party at a strange penthouse in the city. The guests sit around speculating about each other and realize that no one knows who is throwing the party. Then the fun begins. Their host introduces them to a game in which each one of them will be murdered unless they can outsmart Dea…