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Dead Snow (2009) - Tommy Wirkola

The opening scene of this film sets the feel for the entire movie. You have a girl running through the woods, this girl is being chased by zombies. Sounds pretty standard. Except these zombies are wearing Nazi SS uniforms. Wait, did you say Nazi zombies? Yes. Throw in a really awesome use of the song In the Hall of the Mountain King and you have one kick ass opening sequence.  
The concept for this movie may actually be cooler than the movie itself. Nazi zombies. They just look bad ass. I'm not condoning the actions of the National Socialist Party, but they really knew how to dress. I don't know who their fashion consultant was but he really knew how to design an iconic uniform.
The story is about a group of young adults that are vacationing in a cabin in the snowy mountains of Øksfjord. Everything seems to be going honky-dory until they are attacked by Nazi zombies (that'll ruin anyone's vacation). Isolated twentysomethings + monster is the basic storyline here and i…