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Creepshow (1982) - George Romero

Creepshow is the quintessential eighties flick. It it's every high point on my scary movie scale. It is and always will be one of the greatest horror movies ever made. First introduced to me when I was six. I stayed up late one night and snuck out of my room to watch the movie that my dad had rented. Needless to say, I had insane nightmares that night.

Steven King and George Romero team up to bring you some really terrorizing tales of the macabre. With 5 stories each with an awesome title and introduction. The prologue and epilogue also paint a neat little tale of horrific revenge.

The film has an ensemble cast with Hal Holbrook, Tom Atkins, Tom Savini, Ed Harris, Stephen King, Lesley Neilsen, Ted Danson, Fritz Weaver, Adrienne Barbeau, and E. G. Marshall with most of them doing a great job. Leslie Neilsen is in one of his rare "straight man" roles and does a great job of being a villain.

The story's are pretty evenly rated. They all have a good amount of scare. The…

Dead Air (2009) - Corbin Bernsen

Dead Air is a shitty version of Pontypool, a movie that was released a few months prior to this. This movie is directed by Psych actor Corbin Bernsen. It brings together both actor Bill Mosley and Patricia Tallman who worked previously on the late 80's remake of Night of the Living Dead. Seeing them together again on film is pretty cool i have to admit, but this is nothing like the Night of the Living Dead remake. This movie is really, really bad. Mosley is the best actor in the film and that's not saying much, this movie uses really little of the Zombie lore and preys much more on Post 9/11 fear. A cheap trick if you ask me. It makes Corbin Bernsen look like a bitter patriot. Chalk this movie up with Zombies of Mass Destruction or American Zombie. 
The movie is so over saturated with political overtones, that I can't even begin commenting on the horrible acting of the Zombies. The usual shuffle is replaced with mindless meandering. They look stoned, not dead. The makeup is…

Raw Force / Kung Fu Cannibals (1982) - Edward D. Murphey

Soooo this is a really weird low budget crap-fest that doesn't let up on its invasion of your attention. This is really a fun movie to watch with friends maybe due to the less than B-Movie acting, or the weird Hitler type villain. I really kind of enjoyed this mad romp. This is my first horror film from the Philippines.
The story line jumps everywhere and it makes this film that much more enjoyable. The movie has something to do with a group of Martial Arts instructors (Douche-bags) on a cruise to Spider Skull island or something like that (Warriors Island). Little do they know that on this island is where a group of really insane, and i'm talking bat shit crazy, monks control the Zombies of past fierce Martial Arts Warriors. What gets defecated onto film is one and a half hours of Exploitation and general craziness. 
If you are a hardcore fan of scary movies this really won't do anything for you as its not very scary and has minimal amounts of fright. It does have buckets…