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Duel (1971) - Steven Spielberg

A lot of people out there might just look at the title and think that Duel doesn't belong in the horror movie area. I have a different view on the subject, obviously. Duel is scary as shit to me. I hate driving on the freeways and passing a trucker. Those "cowboys" of the highway are all hopped up on goofballs, they could run you right off the road and not even know they did it. Crazy. That is like one of my fears. 
This is Steven Spielberg's first theatrical film, written by Richard Matheson and based on his short story. If that isn't enough to get you to see it then maybe the plot will. The movie is about a guy that is on his way home from a business trip and runs afoul of a menacing and ugly diesel tanker truck. The truck stalks our hero the entire film and squares off with him on numerous accounts. The most recent movie that I could tie this in with would be Joy Ride from 1997.  The movie dose a good job of solidly setting you up and getting you to root for o…