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High Tension (2003) - Alexandre Aja

High Tension is one of my favorite horror movies. It gives you that feeling in your gut. You can be sitting there on your couch watching the movie, and then bam. Out of nowhere you are engaged. That is a rare sign, but it is what I am looking for when I am watching a horror movie.

If you haven't seen this movie than I am going to spoil the shit out of it. So, you are forewarned. The main story-line is pretty basic. A young pretty girl is being chased by a killer. This killer drives a truck and is extremely brutal in his killings. The movie gets pretty gruesome and in some parts can really make you wince. The head in the banister part always gets me. yikes. The draw for this movie is awesome. In one hand you have gore. In the other, you have suspense. You have a young damsel in distress running for her life from a crazed brutalizing, nightmare of a psychopath. This guy kills fucking children. He is no joke.

The knock-out for this movie is the ending. You don't see it coming, o…