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Day of the Dead (1985) - George Romero

Night, Dawn, and Day are really amazing movies. They truly are. George Romero is a mediocre filmmaker but he was always a visionary. This world created by Romero goes far beyond any other film franchise. I had come across an info-graphic chart showing the connections from this film to others in it's universe and beyond. It's really interesting. It's grasp had spread all the way across the ocean into Italy and around again. This is less of a "third movie" as it is more of the third piece in this much larger picture. A terrifying post-apocalyptic world 

Society is in shambles. A small group of humans has survived and they are studying zombies. Some are scientists, doctors, and others are military personnel. They are surviving in an underground bunker. Things appear to be going well, considering. They make trips to the outside world and explore what is left. They drink, study, bitch, and moan freely. That is until things go awry, as they tend to do in these types of …