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The Lamp (1987) - Tom Daley

The Lamp or The Outing, is a low budget horror flick released in 1987. It is the only film to have been directed by the late Tom Daley and it falls into a very small genre of horror dealing with Jinn and Jinni. It’s a surprising movie because it’s actually pretty decent but nearly forgotten. I had never heard of this movie until I was browsing around on the web and stumbled across it. It looked really interesting and I loved Wishmaster so I thought I would give it a try. 
An evil lamp that’s possessed by a demonic jinn had made it’s way into the United States. It was awakened and unleashed by thieves. Then repossessing the lamp again it’s transferred to a Natural History Museum where it peaks the interest of more attractive victims. These victims happen to be some of the teenagers from a local school. One of the teenagers is Alex Wallace the daughter of Dr. Wallace of the Museum. The teens decide to stay overnight in the Museum when things start to go wrong. 
It was really ambitious for…