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Hellgate (1989) - William A. Levey

When I started this project I knew fair well that the horror genre is full of these terrible "Straight-to-Video" or "Schlock" films that were made pretty much to fill space. William Levey is responsible for some real classics. Could you hear the sarcasm? I looked through his catalog and spied such classics as Slumber Party '57 and Blackenstein. Yes. Blackenstein. 

Our antagonist is a deranged old man on a power trip. He had witnessed his daughters vicious murder at the hands of a biker-gang and now terrorized anyone that entered his town. His weapon of choice is a strange magical crystal rock that shoots lasers, reanimates the dead, and blows shit up. Hence the power trip. This guy eventually brings his daughter back to life, essentially as a sexual predator that would help him lure in unsuspecting guys. Enter this group of teenagers that try to survive this picture when curiosity leads them into this hellish town. 

The group is bland and stagnant with little cha…