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Stake Land (2010) - Jim Mickle

So, you take Zombieland,The Road, Walking Dead, and From Dusk 'Till Dawn. Roll them up into a nice little macabre burrito and you have yourself Stake Land. The most original vampire movie that I have seen in quite sometime. Yeah, we are all familiar with the emotional and over-dramatic vampire. The frilly shirts and pale skin. We get it! This movie combines the uber-popular Zombie genre with the uber-popular Vampire genre and creates this hybrid that just works so well! I was really bummed to realize that this wasn't a new AMC series that I could catch on a weekly basis.

In a weird post-apocalyptic world Vampire/Zombies hunt the remaining humans. Martin's family is massacreby these creatures and he is saved by a mysterious vigilante known only as Mister. Mister is pretty bad-ass. He teaches Martin how to survive in this deadly new world. The two team up and look for survivors and head north to a secure new Eden. However, it isn't only Vamp/Zom's it's crazy redn…