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Killjoy (2000) - Craig Ross Jr.

I had seen this one haunting video store shelves for years. It looked like it had been hashed out from a farm-league studio in a basement somewhere. I never really cared to pick it up. However, it looked perfect for the 31 Movies of Halloween. Finally, I am tapping into the Killjoy market!
Michael is a dejected loser that is in love with this girl Jada. However, Jada is off limits. She is currently in a relationship with gangbanger, Lorenzo. Michael apparently knows this and ignores the warnings from her thug boyfriend and his crew. This leads to Michael getting beat-up in front of Jada as a warning. But Michael doesn't let it go. Instead, he summons an evil clown from a doll to come and seek out Michael's murderous revenge. The clown is Killjoy. He's annoying and he drives a stupid ice cream truck that is actually a passage to another world. Killjoy's world. While seeking revenge, will Killjoy go too far with Jada?  

This movie has the lamest summoning sequence I have e…