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Phantoms (1998) - Joe Chappelle

In the 90's most of the horror movies that were made were  this kind of family friendly crap. It was an incredibly weird time; horror movies couldn't be overtly scary or gory and they were contractually obligated to have some sort of dark horribly CGI'ed monster. The cast of all of these films were usually "hot" Hollywood actors that either made a few romantic comedies or stared in a WB prime time drama. Well, this movie has a huge CGI monster, and it stars Liev Schreiber (Scream 1, 2, and 3), Rose McGowan (Jawbreaker and Charmed), and Ben Whofleck (Kevin Smith Movies, Reindeer Games, and Gigli).

So a doctor discovers that there is some sort of ancient evil in the world that wipes out entire civilizations. It has wiped out Mayan tribes, It killed the dinosaurs, It destroyed the Romans, and now it has settled down in some small town who-knows-where, USA. This ancient evil takes over peoples bodies and turns them into some weird walking dead alien things. The movie …