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The Curse (1987) - David Keith

Wil Wheaton is a terrible actor, well not terrible but not good. The Curse from 1987 is a good example of his acting chops. Here we have a redneck farming family who have a strange asteroid or egg or something crash land in their crops. Wil Wheaton plays a farmboy who's "loose" mother sleeps around with the help and a stepfather who is a backwoods country christian bible thumper. I see this movie as being inspiration to Eli Roth for his picture "Cabin Fever" where almost the exact same storyline happens.

Asteroid crashes and oozes out some weird stuff that gets into the water supply for this small farm. The inhabitants of the farm eat the food that was nourished by this tainted water and drink it as well transforming themselves into walking melting candles with super strength. Wil Wheaton is too smart for this trickery though and spends the entire hour and a half fighting off the Zombified versions of his Hick Stepfather and Fat Pig of a Step Brother.
The ac…

From Beyond (1986) - Stuart Gordon

A fun HP Lovecraft flick, From Beyond is one of the finest rides you will go on as a Lovecraft fan. The storyline is cheesy, the acting is sub par, and the graphics are laughable. I would love for someone to do a higher budget Lovecraft film, this is one of the best we have right now. Jeffery Combs and Barbara Crampton both return in this gem fresh off of Re-Animator. Ken Foree is also in this as a pretty cool "heavy" you may remember him from the original Dawn of the Dead. This was again made in the 80's quite possibly the greatest era in horror movie history. 
Dr. Crawford Tillinghast and Dr. Edward Petorius invent a machine that can "awaken" your pineal gland and make you aware of the real world around you. It is too dangerous though when Dr. Petorius is killed and Dr. Katherine McMichaels is turned into a mad sexual deviant. Katherine, Crawford, and Bubba try to fight off the impending doom that is warding towards them.
This movie has a special place in my…