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Deep Red (1975) - Dario Argento

Deep Red is a classic Italian horror movie from Dario Argento, one of the masters of the genre. Though the movie is highly regarded by critics and fans. I found it just, okay. There are some really amazing scenes and the movie is really well made. I just was not a very big fan of the soundtrack provided by horror band Goblin. It really took me out of the movie. Choice scenes were really creepy and I could understand the appeal for hardcore Argento fans. 

A music teacher witnesses a psychic woman being murdered by a mysterious hatchet killer. He becomes intrigued by finding the killer and sets out on a mission to do just that. He ends up going on a whirl-wind investigation that takes him down some murderous paths. The trail of corpses that the killer leaves are all mutilated brutally. I had no problem with this. As with Susperia, the artistic aspect is beautiful. It paints a great picture too. Influenced by film-noir, the movie becomes extremely dark and has that creepy shadow going on…