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The Birds (1963) - Alfred Hitchcock

Classics are always amazing, they may take sometime to build up, but they always have an amazing payoff. This is my first Alfred Hitchcock film. I have kind of steered away from them for some reason. It just so happens that the local theater down the street from me is playing The Birds for $3. So I popped on over there and got some popcorn and had an awesome time.

The Birds is about a small town that gets over-run by vicious killer birds. There is no motive and there doesn't seem to be any resolution. The movie instead focuses on the exploits of a young socialite that falls instantly in love with the weirdly shaped "hero" of the movie. She creepily drops in on him while he is on vacation in Bodega Bay, CA. If anyone is keeping count, this is the forth horror movie that I have reviewed that is set on the Central Coast. Anyway, while she is "visiting/stalking" the seagulls, sparrows, crows, and other birds start going crazy nuts! They kill people left and right,…