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Meateater (1979) - Derek Savage

B-Movie paradise with this little POS movie that I found at Goodwill a few months ago. Meateater or The Meateater is really a bizarre little trip to a abandoned movie theater where an old projectionist, with an obsession with a girl named jean, is terrorizing the new owners! There is really no real mystery and the movie does move along with shameless plugs for random meat packing companies. This really kind of reminds me of an old 80's B Flick called Parents with Randy Quaid, really Bizarre.

I don't know if the Director of this flick was paying attention to his shots because alot is cut out. It just might of been in the transfer from film to VHS but it looks horrible. The acting is pretty good considering they didn't have much money. The storyline is pretty solid all the way through with not many side trails. This really is actually a well done POS.
On the horror scale, nothing about this really scared me. It could probably pass today as an episode of "Are you Afrai…