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The Hands of Orlac (1924) - Robert Weine

Director Robert Weine, is a visionary with the camera. He is definitely on the contenders list of greatest horror directors, at least from his era. You can see all of the future directors that have taken interests in his film-making. David Lynch, for example, must have taken dozens of notes during this particular Weine film. Aside from Cabinet, this movie really takes the cake when it comes to Expressionist Horror. The movie is so fantastically presented that it couldn't get much better, right? Well... It stars none other than Conrad Veidt, horror actor extraordinaire. His performance as Paul Orlac is fantastic.
Silents are hard to watch sometimes, you really have to be in just the right mood. You have to appreciate the fact that they weren't able to portray any drama through speech. They had to rely soul-ly on their bodies. Some argue that silent acting is True acting. They think that getting someone to feel for you and actually get into your performance, based entirely on y…