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The Funhouse (1981) - Tobe Hooper

This is a movie that had been on my radar for a good while. I had seen it once or twice before but didn't think much of it apparently. The concept felt pretty good, I like the idea of setting this in a carnival. It reminds me that I have to watch Santa Sangre sometime. 
Teenagers sneak out and head to a carnival that has a bad reputation for being dangerous. They intend to break into the Funhouse and stay the night. However, while sneaking around, the group watches a strange masked man murder the fortune teller. They soon find out that this Carnival, like many, had a dark underbelly. 

The story is fantastic. It builds the backstory for so many of its characters. You get a good look at what is lurking in the shadows of this carnival. It doesn't appear that all of the carnies were in on the villianry that had been taking place. That added a layer to the story that made you think about this Carnival and it's killer reputation. 
Toby Hooper showed us his storytelling skills with