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Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) - Charles Sellier

This is one of the granddaddies of controversial film. Silent Night, Deadly Night was panned so hardly by critics that it actually caused an uproar over horror flicks. Their argument being, Santa is a wholesome figure that is highly respected by children all over the world and shouldn't be portrayed in such a negative light. Sure, the movie is hard to sit through. It's boring and crass. It hits all the area's it should. Unfortunately it falls short of being terrifying and ends up being a joke. 
The plot of the movie revolves around a fragile child that watched his parents get mutilated by a psychopath in a Santa costume. Needless to say, he doesn't grow up just right. He spends his youth in a Catholic orphanage where, of course, he is humiliated and harassed by the staff. Aside from one of the nuns who befriends him. Anyway, later in life he gets a job at a general store. When Christmas comes along he gets pushed to the edge and snaps going out in a Santa-clad Slasher…