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Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI (1986) - Tom McLoughli

So for Friday the 13th, I have been advised, I need to watch a Friday the 13th movie. So I thought about it and agreed. I decided to celebrate this F13th movie by watching my personal favorite. That's right Friday the 13th: Jason Lives (Part VI). It is hard for me to really put to the review what my favorite things are in the movie. Or what makes this movie scary. I really just want to list everything that I think is awesome about this film. So for Friday the 13th, I submit to you my tiny review while i watch the film:
SPOILERS!!! does it matter really? Parody Comedy of itselfThe guy from Welcome Back KotterFrankensteinThe satire The 2nd Best of the series and actually kind of being its own type of movie. James Bond intro "Your gonna be sorry if you dont shaddup!"Highest body count until Jason XShould of been in 3DIts kinda like Saved by the Bell on Friday the 13th. The sheriff is a great Mr. BeldingTHE BREAKING OF THE 4TH WALL!!!The entire story! I think this is the fir…