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The Haunting (1963) - Robert Wise

I've always been intrigued by the storyline in The Haunting. However, I had only been familiar with the remake and not this original. I had seen the remake numerous times. Twice in the theater. I wasn't blown away by the acting but instead intrigued by the storyline. Just not intrigued enough to actually hunt down the original. I was pretty wrong. This is far less clunky than the remake. It fits. It feels good. 

A psychiatrist is running supernatural investigations with volunteers. The volunteers have to stay the weekend in a creepy New England mansion. Ghosts and creepy crawlies tend to send the inhabitants running for the hills. However, the volunteers are unaware of this exact feature. They are brought on as "a research team" for the doctor and they appear to have been chosen because of their psychic abilities. Theodora is a clairvoyant and Elanor is attuned with ESP. Luke, well... He's just there as a sort of overseer for the family that actually owns the prop…