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London After Midnight (1927) - Tod Browning

London After Midnight is considered to be Lon Chaney's lost masterpiece. This film can be viewed in some sort of entirety on the internet or at the bottom of this write-up. 
This movie has Lon Chaney doing what he was born to do. Putting on layers and layers of his own make-up and putting on one hell of a performance. It doesn't hurt that the story was created by Tod Browning, written by Tod Browning, and directed by Tod Browning. It is so sad that I am never actually going to see the movie.  The plot of the film, as I can surmise it, begins with a murder investigation. It appears that Sir Roger Balfour has been shot to death. The characters are interviewed and subsequently it is determined that Balfour had committed suicide. Five years pass and the Balfour residence is eventually taken up by ghoulish residents. This naturally leaves one question on everybody's mind. Did this ugly guy and creepy girl, kill Balfour? Natrually. 

My assumption, based on the promotional still…