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The Evil Dead (1981) - Sam Raimi

The Evil Dead is one of the most creative and fun horror movies, of all time. This is the movie that kicked off Sam Raimi's career and boosted the chin of Bruce Campbell. The movie was made with such passion, that you can really see it shine though. You can tell the actors and everyone else was having such a great time making it. Its the kind of expression and fun that is left out of sequels and other movies that are made down the line. 
Horror icons like Steven King and Wes Craven are huge fans of the movie. Steven King called this movie "...the most ferociously original horror film...." I think that he was really onto something here. The movie pays tribute to Wes Craven with a poster for The Hills Have Eyes. Equally Wes Craven payed homage to The Evil Dead by playing the movie on televisions in Nightmare on Elm Street. 
If you haven't seen this movie then I don't know why you are even reading my articles. Go do what you can to find this movie. Find it however you…