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Paranormal Activity 4 (2012) - Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman

I had been skeptical about the series when I first heard about it. I thought it had looked intriguing but was just a cheap gimmick. I wasn't wrong. This entire franchise is a cheap gimmick. The stationary camera just watching is cheap but so damn effective. It's a necessity for the franchise and it works so well. This may have a convoluted storyline but it just makes me want to watch the next one. 
This one shows you that no one is safe from the demon Toby's powers. A family starts to experience some strange occurrences when some new neighbors move in across the street. It just so happens that the neighbors are Katie and  her "son" Robbie. The movie focuses on the younger daughter Alex and her adopted brother Wyatt are the focal points. They do a decent job.

This movie doesn't just take advantage of a camcorder. This time, anything with a Wi-Fi camera can be used. As long as they don't close their laptops and keep them open. This was one of my biggest compl…