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Squirm (1976) - Jeff Lieberman

Natural horror was a subgenre that was starting to take off in the seventies but never actually spiked. It takes the realistic elements around us and exaggerates them. In Prophecy, a mutated bear is the antagonist. The filmmakers tied it into radiation and illegal dumping of industrial waste. It was mildly successful. These movies would try to play to a certain market. Usually making cuts to fit in with a PG to PG-13 rating. Kids could still go out and catch a few cheap frights. 
A severe electrical storm brings down power lines in a small podunk town. However, this isn't just an everyday event. The immense power of the storm mixed with the electricity mutated and infuriated the insect community. Namely worms, millipedes, anything that is creepy and crawly. Mick (Don Scardino), a young man from New York City, comes out to the country to visit his yokel girlfriend Geri (Patricia Pearcy). Unfortunately, Geri lives right next door to the local worm farm. Yes. A worm farm. That's b…