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The Thing (1982) - John Carpenter

For the next movie I am watching John Carpenters: The Thing from 1982. This film stars Kurt Russell and that guy from the Navy commercials. You may be asking yourself; "Sid, why would you review this movie its from the 80's and your doing this chronologically!?" Well its simple, I didn't want to waste a review. So i jumped ahead a few years, so sue me. At this time i would like to apologize for my grammar, I'm a little off.
So in this film, that has just about every element of surprise known to the common film goer. This is widely considered one of the greatest horror movies of all time. In my opinion i would have to say that this film is more of a Honorable mention than an actual competitor for top horror film. However this film does have all of the elements that i have come to enjoy in a good horror flick. One, we have Aliens. Two, we are in Antarctica. Three, Kurt Russel's beard. Four, Gore. Five, Suspense and Mystery. Well I guess those aren't all of…