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The Wolf Man (1941) - George Waggner

Another Universal Monsters movie classic. The Wolf Man is a fantastic story that introduces the newly developed modern horror community to werewolves. At least in the form that we all know and take as scripture. Lon Chaney Jr. turns in his most infamous performance in the lead. It was definitely the peak of his career, but it serves him very well. I am very hard on Werewolf movies and this one gets no mercy. I went into this watching it with a pretty great distaste, but I was softened. It was good. 
Lon Chaney Jr. plays an American, Larry Talbot, that has come to his ancestral homeland of Whales. He falls in with the locals and enjoys the scenery. Everyone seems really outspoken about werewolves. They chant and tell tales that eventually intrigue Talbot into a trip to a Gypsy Camp. They are attacked by a werewolf but Talbot ends up killing it. However, in the struggle the werewolf bit him. He is told of his fate to become a werewolf during every full moon. Larry distances himself from …