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Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) - Jim Sharman

I was seven when I first caught a rare viewing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on cable. It was weird to say the least. The movie had scenes that stuck with me. My mother had always been a big fan and she would talk about people dressing up and having a great time doing some crazy dance called The Time-Warp. It wasn't until I was fifteen that I had the chance to see Rocky in the theater (the preferred medium). That was the moment that I realized that this quirky musical macabre isn't a movie. Oh no. This movie is an experience.
Why is this movie an experience? Well, there are certain rules to follow when you're watching the movie. Certain lines you repeat. Characters you yell certain profanities at. Times when you throw popcorn or get up and dance. This isn't just a horror movie, its a fucking party. If you ever have the chance to see the movie in a theater at midnight, you have to go.
Richard O'Brien wrote this movie during a time in his life when he was questio…