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Stir of Echoes (1999) - David Koepp

This is a really cool movie that gets over looked a lot. Sure, A Sixth Sense came out before it and it may resemble that a bit too much. But who cares? Stir of Echoes has a really cool story that is supported by a solid cast. It has a great song as it's theme and it has some seriously scary scenes. I was more than happy to review it for the 31 Movies of Halloween. 

Tom Witzky and his family have recently moved into this town. A nice small town that really has some great old pride. However, the town is holding back a deep dark secret. Tom and his son Jake are getting these visions of a dead young woman in their home. Tom becomes obsessed with it and starts driving a wedge in between reality and insanity.

Kevin Bacon does a phenomenal job here. His work is some of the best in his career. I really liked the story too. The botched hypnosis thing is a really great device. I like that it opened up Toms mind to seeing these beings from the other side. I just wish we were able to see the…