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The Sacrement (2013) - Ti West

The Sacrament was really interesting. I am a big fan of House of the Devil and The Innkeepers. From film director Ti West. This double team of West and fear film extraordinaire, Eli Roth seemed too good to be true and perhaps it was. While The Sacrament is truly a tale of a terrible tragedy it fails to actually deliver. 
Three film-makers from VICE document their attempt to free one of the members sisters from a strange religious cult. The cult is led by a manipulative con-artist that brainwashes his "family" they all call him Father. The cult consists of hundreds of people that have started a small community called Eden Parish. These reporters have a really strange experience. 
Eli Roth had restored my faith in horror films when he created the Hostle series. I had viewed most modern horror movies as being too family friendly and handled with kids gloves. When I attended a screening of Hostle the crowd in the theater was erupting with emotion. It was a beautiful thing.