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Hostel (2005) - Eli Roth

Eli Roth brings us one hell of a masterpiece in horror cinema. Everything about this movie from the dark comedy to the intense gore expertly executed. This fine addition to my ever growing list of scary movies is not just great. It's important. Hostel came at a time when I had almost lost faith in horror films. It restored my faith and inspired me to keep believing that I can keep getting scared.

With the backing of Quentin Tarantino and the direction of Eli Roth, you know your in for an entertaining treat. Top notch writing and acting don't hurt it either. If you wanted a horror movie with kid's gloves on then keep on looking. This movie might just be too much for you. 
A couple of Americans vacationing in Europe find themselves visiting Slovakia, for some reason, and end up in a creepy town with a disturbing secret. An elite group of rich people hunt visitors for sport. Not really hunt. More like tie down and torture. 
The movie takes pieces of films like The Wicker Man …