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Sinister (2012) - Scott Derrickson

While this movie is a bit slow moving, the depth and character speak volumes and actually make this a scary movie. The supernatural elements are questionable sometimes and the motivations of the movie seem weird. But overall this did really well. I didn't expect much. It had come out during a time when everyone was tossing a hat into the "subtle scary" ring. Insidious, Paranormal Activity, the Conjuring, and the Last Exorcism are all examples of movies that rely pretty heavily on this gimmick. It's not a bad thing, in fact it's pretty neat. It's literally that saying 'less is more.'

A troubled writer, named Ellison, seems to be going through a tough-patch both professionally and personally. He moves his family into a strange house out in the middle of nowhere to focus on rebuilding his life. However, Ellison comes across a mysterious box of Super 8 reels all featuring a family being murdered.  He starts piecing together this freaky puzzle that may lea…