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The Mask of Fu Manchu (1932) - Charles Brabin

The Internet Movie Database lists this as a horror movie. I don't find it to be that exactly. Boris Karloff churns out a pretty chilling performance as the evil and sadistic Dr. Fu Manchu. A doctor with a touch for the dramatic and a love for torture. He gets a lot of pleasure out of torture. It may not be a true-to-the-color horror picture but it is a decent delve into the terror realm.

A group of scientists, on an expedition are searching out the sword of Genghis Khan for study. However, Fu Manchu want's to get his grubby hands on the sword so that he can raise Khan from the dead and he would come destroy the entire Western World, especially the white dudes. Manchu really doesn't like white people in this movie. He actually says in a speech to his followers "Kill the white man and take his women!"

The effects were really good, they did a cool Tesla Coil thing in Fu Manchu's laboratory. They made the movie look really neat and clean. The copy I watched wasn…