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Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) - Tommy Lee Wallace

This is the most pointless movie ever put to film. Tommy Lee Wallace and John Carpenter should have steered clear away from this one. At least Moustapha Akkad was financially obligated to the movie. I can understand, more-so, what he was doing there. However, I can't piece together why anyone would go into this movie with such a horrible script. John Carpenter must have been high as a kite! Steven King came out and admitted that when he filmed Maximum Overdrive, he was blown out of his mind. Those guys had mucho bucks in the early eighties and blew it on the rich man's aspirin. 
The plot is virtually un-recognizable. It just keeps going on with no end in site and no reason. The movie has to do with an evil CEO of a mask making company that plans on killing children with their masks. How? Well on Halloween, Silver Shamrock is going to air a commercial after the local channel plays Halloween (Yes, John Carpenter's original Halloween) on television. This commercial will send…