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IT (1990) - Tommy Lee Wallace

In 1990 magic happened. Horror Icon Stephen King and film director Tommy Lee Wallace had come together to create, what just might be, the scariest made-for-television movie of all time! This may seem a bit boastful. However you have to keep in mind that it had treated an entire generation of children to their newest fear of coulrophobia. Otherwise known as the fear of clowns. I'm sure there are several of you would cite this movie as the root of their nightmares.

Like I had said above, this movie was aired on ABC as a two part mini-series. That means that it was coming on IT continues to be one of the best to film adaptations of King's work. I personally think that The Shining is the best with IT following closely behind. Pet Sematary is somewhere after those two. While IT really is amazing. It also happens to run just a bit too long. It is also a victim of being limited by the technology of 1990. But none of these factors actually derail the picture. It's still wonderful…