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Club Dread (2004) - Jay Chandrasekhar

I am a big fan of Super Troopers, I thought that it had to of been one of the funniest movies released that year. I was really excited when I heard that Broken Lizard would be working on a new movie, Club Dread. I was really disappointed when I saw this movie for the first time. Maybe I went into it expecting to see Super Troopers 2, what I got was a lame attempt at comedy! Well watching the movie a few years later I found that it was actually a pretty decent horror. 
The movie looks like it parody's 90's slasher horror movies like I Know What You Did Last Summer. The movie also has some pretty decent humor and really funny characters. If you haven't seen the movie I suggest that you go out and rent it. The movie focus's on the staff of an island resort called Coconut Pete's. There is a killer who is picking off people one by one and it is up to the staff to stop them.
The entire time that the killer is stalking and killing resort members, the party just keeps rockin…