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Hostel 2 (2007) - Eli Roth

Hostel 2 is a really good movie through and through. I think that the film transcends that of a normal hack and slash horror film and adds depth and great cinematography to an already awesome premise. Plus you get an ass ton of blood and guts, boobs and butts, and even a smidgen of comedy.

On the acting side you get Bijou Phillips, Lauren German, and for some reason Heather Matarazzo. Then you have a couple of dudes: Roger Bart and Richard Burgi. These five actors make up the main cast of characters. There are returning actors like the Bubblegum Gang who are always there to wreak some weird pre-teen havoc onto anyone falling off of the beaten path, and Jay Hernandez who makes a cameo to show what happens to people who escape from the Elite Hunting Club. Overall the acting is not bad and the dialog is littered with fast witty banter so you actually develop some kind of affection for these characters.

The story of this film is very similar to its predecessor; the only real difference is t…