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The Invisible Man (1933) - James Whale

The Invisible Man from 1933 is a heavyweight horror movie. James Whale andCarl Laemmle Jr. teamup once again to bring you a story written by H.G. Wells. If that line-up isn't enough to get you running outto see the movie then maybe the special effects will. This movie is not scary, however it does have a mad scientist

James Whale is definitely one of the pioneers of early Horror cinema. Like Tod Browning before him, Whale can really bring the goods. Whale has directed movieslike Frankenstein and The Old Dark House, butthis has got to be his crowning achievement. He is definitely one of the greatest horror directors of all time.
The movie is about a scientist that has gone off his rocker,played by Claude Raines, who designs a potion that can make him invisible. Of course this potion drives him right out of his mind and makes him incredibly power hungry, uttering the phrase "The world will grovel at my feet."
The movie was incredibly successful upon its initial release and is…